The Search For Spock Minute 23: 23rd Century Chic

September 6, 2017


In which Esteban debates with David and Saavik, Kirk gives a toast to absent friends, and we discuss fashion options in the future…


The Search For Spock Minute 22: Terminiumiumium

September 4, 2017


In which sensors find both a photon tube and a lifeform, David can't believe it, Esteban sends more coded messages, and we wonder about the goals of the Genesis team...


The Search For Spock Minute 21: Pink Chairs For You And Me

September 1, 2017


In which Esteban gives orders in his own special way, David starts a scan of the Genesis planet, Saavik 2.0 is revealed, and we go on some tangents…


Featuring returning guest Keith McDaniel!