The Search For Spock Minute 57: It’s Delicious!

November 29, 2017


In which there is magic: David’s tricorder and Chekov’s disappearing collar, Chris is finally happy with a bridge scene, how we would deal with the approaching Klingon’s and what we think about having a kidney removed…


The Search For Spock Minute 56: Chris’ Book Corner

November 27, 2017


In which we discuss how powerful David’s tricorder is, Chris is scared of Spock 2, insane uncle Billy Marcus, the missing Benny Hill Pon Farr scene, the life-force of Spock and Chris wants that rare Protomatter Spock action figure…


The Search For Spock Minute 55: Genesis Moon

November 24, 2017


In which the sun freakily sets, David broods on a cliff, Saavik ditches Spock, and we desperately try to figure out what happened to Spock after landing on Genesis…


The Search For Spock Minute 54: Bad Idea Jeans

November 22, 2017


In which David brings back the whine, Saavik calls him out, Kruge fights a garbage worm, and we gush over the gushing practical effects…


The Search For Spock Minute 53: Kruge And The Goons

November 20, 2017


In which Kruge, Shemp, and Joe search the dry jungle, Saavik confronts David, a confession is given, and we theorize how much Carol Marcus was involved in the usage of protomatter...


The Search For Spock Minute 52: Look…Up in the Sky

November 17, 2017


In which Vulcans touch noses, the Grissom going boom, professing our love of the glowy enterprise warp thing, and McCoy gets an attaboy…


The Search For Spock Minute 51: Dwarves of Middle Earth

November 15, 2017


In which Esteban checks the rear window for anyone following, Chris think there are dwarves on the bridge, Klingon is spoken and we wonder if Torg will make Kruge's day... 


The Search For Spock Minute 50: Whaaaaaat?!?!?!

November 13, 2017


In which the conspiracy talk continues, Saavik and young Spock have a tender moment, we get our best WTF moment in all of Star Trek, and we ponder whether you can hear the de-cloaking sound of a Klingon Bird of Prey...


The Search For Spock Minute 49: Leonard Nimoy Naked In The Snow

November 10, 2017


In which Saavik and David find a Vulcan child, David voices a theory, Esteban has questions, and we drift deep into a Starfleet conspiracy of our own making…


The Search For Spock Minute 48: Plankton Shrimp Amoebas

November 8, 2017


In which the bridge scene goes on far too long,  classic TOS sets are re-used for the Genesis planet,  a mysterious humanoid is spotted, and we discuss which warp is faster…