The Voyage Home Minute 8: Men With Hats

January 30, 2019


In which we try to figure out what exile really means, where on Vulcan there is the local paint store, Bird of Prey proportions, and whether or not the crew has been wearing the same clothes for the last three months…


The Voyage Home Minute 7: You Pompous Ass

January 28, 2019


In which the Federation President tells Sarek and Kamarag that they weren't invited to the super secret hearing, someone calls out Kamarag and we discuss Klingon sense of justice and what the 9 Starfleet violations are...


The Voyage Home Minute 6: The Computerettes

January 25, 2019


In which Kamarag shares his theory of Kirk's intentions, Sarek makes an entrance, and we discuss David Marcus' Klingon-like thinking...


The Voyage Home Minute 5: Name That Shuttlecraft

January 23, 2019


In which Klingon Ambassador Kamarag rages against Kirk, the council gets to watch highlights from Search For Spock, and we discuss the evolution of the Klingon look, again...


The Voyage Home Minute 4: Vulcan Wannabe

January 21, 2019


In which the opening credits finish, a mysterious object emerges from the nebula, and we meet some of the crew of the USS Saratoga...


The Voyage Home Minute 3: Movin’ On

January 18, 2019


In which the opening credits keep on rolling, a mysterious nebula reveals itself, and we wrap up week one of the season...


The Voyage Home Minute 2: Game Show Canon

January 16, 2019


In which the credits continue to roll, we discuss the origin of Uhura's first name, and Chris gets many opportunities to butcher every name that he says...


The Voyage Home Minute 1: Remembering Heroes

January 14, 2019


In which we take a moment to remember the Space Shuttle Challenger, we discuss the "previously on" intro of the film missing from the North American release, and the credits start to roll...

Check out the alternate opening on YouTube.